Congratulations to the March 2020 Winner!

Dr. B.C., Family Physician from NJ

Previous Winners:
February's 2020 $100 Winner:Dr. J.S., Hepatologist from MD
January's 2020 $100 Winner: Dr. T.F., General Practitioner from IL
December's 2019 $100 Winner: Dr. A.N., Pulmonologist from KS
November's 2019 $100 Winner: M.R., Nurse Practitioner from WA
October's 2019 $100 Winner: Dr. D.T., Gastroenterologist from NY

Official Draw Rules

1. To qualify for the monthly draw, participants must complete a minimum of five (5) quizzes, within any given month, on the DocQuiz website,

2. Offer is restricted to medical professionals residing and practicing in the United States.

3. Draws are conducted on the first day of each month, for quiz completions in the previous month. Deadline for quiz completions within any given month is on the last day of the month, at 11:59 pm EST.

4. Monthly winners are selected at random among the pool of eligible participants who have completed 5 or more quizzes in the previous month.

5. Winners are contacted by email, and asked to confirm either their ME or NPI number in order to validate their entry. If no response is received within 2 business days, a reminder email is sent. If no response is received within 2 business days following the reminder email, a new winner is selected and contacted.

6. The $100 prize is awarded as an Amazon© Gift Card, and sent by email to the selected winner.

7. Winners’ initials, specialty and state will be listed on the DocQuiz website.